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In 2014, we had several  field trips to the Cannock Chase area and also to the Shropshire area. Over long periods of observations at both locations, numbering many hours, we did see on two occasions, something with may well qualify as unusual

One was a very bright slow moving light (in the Shropshire area) which was as bright as a welding torch, which seemingly just vanished.  The time of the observation was twilight, just before dark.

The other was in the Rugeley area, near Cannock Chase, and was a daylight sighting of an object that seemed to be glinting in the sunlight.  We observed it bobbing in and out of a cloud.  For all intents and purposes it looked like it was trying to hide from us.  It wasn't until we reviewed the shaky footage that the object seemed to be rotating.(It also had lights).  Very odd indeed.  Were they UFO's?  Hard to say, but it was intriguing all the same.