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2016 -2019

We have had many outings over the last couple of years, to places like Thetford Forest - Norfolk,  Helmsley - North Yorkshire, Bempton - East Yorkshire, Rendlesham Forest, and over the next few months we shall be visiting those areas again repeatedly doing research and investigations.

August 2016

On our way up to the North Yorkshire area on Monday 15th August

September 2nd 2015:  Back from our Rendlesham & Winchester road trip-

22-24th May 2015.   Cononley Moor, Nr Skipton, North Yorkshire.

We Headed off to North Yorkshire to do a few days  and nights sky watch in the Cononley Moor area near Skipton, to see whether we could catch anything cruising the skies...

We did a mixture of day and night watches, using a Sony handy-cam with an IR filter on (Daytime) and also a full spectrum camcorder with a filter (IR & Ultraviolet).

We are in the process of reviewing footage but to press, nothing of any note has been recorded.

Update: No evidence.

                                     'UFO sighting' in Cannock Chase as hundreds report hearing loud noises from the sky.

A strange aircraft spotted moving slowly and loudly across the night sky in Cannock has sparked UFO frenzy.

Hundreds of householders took to social media after first hearing a loud drone, then spotting the massive object move slowly over their homes.

Many believe that there is a very earthly explanation for a Close Encounter that has the community buzzing.

Locals in the Staffordshire town believe they saw a secret military prototype, possibly from a US aircraft carrier currently stationed off Portsmouth.

And the British UFO Research Association has not discounted claims that a drone might be behind the rash of reports.

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