Anomaly Researchers UK

Investigating phenomena  that is beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding..

Reporting an Occurrence

This is where we collate people's unexplained paranormal occurrences, where you can tell us the location, time, etc of your occurrence. You can submit the report anonymously if required.

What is the purpose of filing a report?

The main aim is to collect your data on that particular paranormal experience.   We might notice patterns in events and find particular incidents may coincide with other people experiencing the same phenomena in that particular area. 

All reports will be in the strictest of confidence.

Joining Our Team

Status: Please note that we are not currently recruiting

At no point will your privacy be breeched.

At no point will we use your real name or address.

Before sending us any reports, photographs or footage please remember that your report/photos/footage may well be published by us, online on this website, or on social media and once it is online it is doubtful it can be removed.

All photographs/footage etc may well be used by us and put onto the internet for all to see, so please do not send it in if you are not entirely happy for this to happen.

Thank you.

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