Anomaly Researchers UK

Investigating UFO's in Yorkshire and Nationwide....

Welcome to Anomaly Researchers UK.

So, what do we do....

UFO's, Extraterrestrials, Flying Saucers, Unidentified Flying Objects, Black Triangles,  Glowing Orbs of Light, Aerial Phenomena, Ufology, Aliens, Abductions, Cattle Mutilations, Strange Lights in the Sky, etc etc all fall under this fascinating subject heading.

We are a non profit group.

The Team.

Dawn Stead: Founder of HYPR and now Anomaly Researchers UK. Former Co-founder of White Rose Paranormal. Has been studying aspects of the paranormal since 2005.

Involved in all aspects of investigation, from field research, setting up equipment, website design for the group, writing up investigation reports.

Joan Rush: Actively investigating and studying aspects of the paranormal since 2006 and helps with location research and general activities within the group.

Phil Smith: Filed investigator and technical adviser within the group. Interests in photography, and de-bunking. 

Important Information

Terms and conditions:::::Please note that at no time will we release any of your personal details, such as names or addresses.

We do however retain the right to publish report details, (with names and addresses amended to protect your privacy).

We may  publish on our website, or the internet in general, any reports / photographs / footage that you have sent to us

By sending in a ufo report /photographs / footage, to us, (Anomaly Researchers UK) we shall then regard this as an acceptance of our terms and conditions above.